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WoW…… :)

I’ve been looking back at the past couple of months and I’m amazed at what God has done for my family. His many blessing upon our lives. My son took a summer school called the prep academy and it cost 400.00 for the entire course. His dad paid for the first half and we would pay the second half, right there was a blessing! I really didn’t know how i would pay for the second half but i didn’t fret about it as I knew God would take care of it. When it came time to start paying for the second half the money kept coming in to pay it every week. I’m amazed to see God’s hand at work, it so awesome to see His many blessings on our life all the time, even when He says No there is a reason. Summer for us is almost over and school will be starting for my children, they are both excited. Football practice starts in about a week as well. New Adventures for sure for our family this year 🙂 My husband is also graduating in Dec and When God gives us a job it going to be so Awesome to see Where He is going to move us!

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