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Great Dr Apt!

I had a great Dr apt yesterday, I saw three of them LOL. I’m down 81lbs……. 81LBS! That is a whole child! hahahaha I can’t believe that i at one point in time weight 283lbs, it blows my mind really of how much weight i have lost in a little over 3months. I was told yesterday by my Nutritionist that i need to up my calories to a minimum of 500 cals per day and i need to add in another snack of protein. I can also start eating fruits and nuts again 🙂 YAY! I was excited when she told me that i could have nuts again. Love them. Hitting the 500 cals per day may still be a little hard for me, but now that i have clearance so to speak to add nuts and fruit in it maybe easier then i think… Hmmm we shall see LOL. Im excited about this. I know it maybe strange for some to understand why would be so excited but learning to eat again and health is a daily task for some one who had surgery. I went clear back to baby foods and now that i can eat again i have to gradually put foods back into my diet but it all cant be done at one time, its a slow process really.  Sometimes foods get very boring and mundane for me but i work through it and move on. I love to search for healthy ways to eat and im still looking for a very healthy alternative for flour and i think ive found it. Almond flour its low in carbs but will i be able to tolerate it that’s the million dollar question…. We shall see! I want to start baking again for my family but i want it to be healthy with healthy flour… Low carbs and i know that i can accomplish this i just need to learn more about low carb foods and better choices. This is also a process. Anyone have any good suggestions for low carb flour out there that they use? It would help to get some input on that. I know that you can take any recipe out there and turn it into a sugar free and low carb healthy way to eat it… most of the time i can also take it from  dairy to dairy free with out any one knowing about it 🙂 Ive done it for years… hehehehe

God is Good All the Time!