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74lbs Gone!

Wow I only have 59lbs until i reach my goal weight. I’m 3month out since I’ve started on this incredible Journey and I’m already down 74lbs. Sometimes it doesn’t seem real…. I need to keep working my arms everyday since i can’t stand the extra skin, exercising is still really hard for me to keep up with. I really don’t know why either, i have more energy and I cant breath better with all the weight gone, but i still don’t have the motivation to do it :(. I want to wear a very pretty dress for when my husbands graduates college but i don’t want my arms to show since i have saggy skin. Any ideas? Encouragement will help too hahahah. I’m so blessed, God is good all the time! He answers prayers and He is always Faithful even if we aren’t 🙂 If you want to know what i eat i will tell you, High Protein, Little carbs, NO Sugar! it is what i ate for my two week pre diet for surgery. My meat has to be the leanest cuts too, not always cheap either. I try and get all my carbs from veggies, I did find low carb tortillas that i only have 1 per day 🙂 so good too, I do miss some of my old foods, but then i just step on the scale and love what i see that’s enough for me 🙂