Archive | February 2013

A thought…..

I was just laying there on the couch with my youngest son and i started thinking about how much food i used to eat… Very scary really! I used to go to this pizza place named CiCi’s Pizza and order one of there LARGE pizza for my self and sit there and eat the whole thing. WOW!  That’s a lot of food, not only that but tons and tons of fat and carbs my body didn’t need but i would do it almost twice a week. See before my surgery i couldn’t have dairy products so i would order the pizza with no cheese, as the rest of my family would go and eat the rest of it. My whole thought process was i don’t want this to go to waste and they wont let you take it home, so i had to eat it. This is just one thought about how much food i use to eat, today I don’t eat pizza, I don’t eat bread and I’m careful of the carbs i do consume. if my family gets pizza i might take a piece and eat the toppings off of it. I couldn’t eat that much now even if i tried, my little tummy couldn’t hold it all…. Have you ever thought about how much you used to eat? Its scary really I Praise the Lord He has shown me a new way to look at food and how to eat it right. Now I’m showing my 3 children how to eat right and I Pray my husband is watching too. We don’t eat out that much any more and when we do, I share off someones plate and so does my youngest. So the next time you go out to eat really think about how much you eat, it might shock you how much you really eat……..