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10 Ways to be a Better Friend




We all have them. Some are wonderful, others are not that great. Some are close and some are distant.

I find people interesting; and sometimes intimidating because of how introverted I am. It’s a lot easier for me to write an email to someone than talk on the phone. Because of this, I have had drama in my life. Miscommunications. Hurt feelings. Messes to clean up. You’d think I’d learn. Speaking to people face to face is the best way to communicate. And that takes time. Time is precious.

But then again, we spend time doing whatever we feel is important.

Over the past few weeks I have been led to take inventory of my time, my relationships, and my priorities. I’m not really all that pleased with what I am finding.

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Does tragedy actually help gun rights?

Gun Owners of America

In much the same way that World War II got us out of the Depression, it is one of those things that is not wished for, yet the reality of it remains.  One should not seek out war in order to bolster a country’s economy, nor should one wish for tragedy in order to bolster their position.

But the question remains, does tragedy benefit the pro gun crowd or the gun control zealots?

If you listen to the liberal mainstream media you are inundated with the self righteous fervor of liberty hating dogma that states that “such and such tragedy” is proof that people cannot be responsible for their own well being and as such shouldn’t have the right to keep and bear arms.

When it comes down to it, that is the only argument the gun control zealots believe in, because after all, they operable word is CONTROL, not…

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Come Join an Online Mom’s Bible Study in January!


I have enjoyed working through the Made to Crave Bible study. I have one lesson left and should finish that up by the end of December. That means it is time to find another study to do! I love studying God’s word, especially with others!!God's wisdom

Beginning in mid-January I will begin an online study of God’s Wisdom for a Mother’s Heartby Bobbie Wolgemuth. Moms need encouragement. And this study looks like it will be practical and help encourage us moms to set priorities, teach obedience, how to pray for our kids, and how to help our kids form God-filled dreams. I’m excited about this!!

The study is meant to last 7 weeks. But I am going to stretch it out over 14 weeks. This will allow “life” to happen. And because this will be an online study, we’ll have discussion and accountability through comments.

If you are interested in…

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