As Obama moves forward on gun control, States move to strengthen gun rights

Gun Owners of America

Even before the Obama administration pulled back the curtain to reveal its anti-gun agenda to the naked light of day, individual states won victories and made moves in regards to the strengthening of gun rights.

First, and probably most importantly, is the constitutional amendment that passed overwhelmingly on election day in Louisiana.  Constitutional Amendment 2 was a ballot measure to amend the state constitution, thereby strengthening it against against legislative infringements and activist judges who would seek undermine the inalienable right.

A quick breakdown of the Amendment is as follows:

PROPOSED CHANGE: The proposed amendment would add language to the Constitution that says the right to possess a weapon is a fundamental right in Louisiana and any restriction must pass a “strict scrutiny” judicial review. The amendment also would remove language from the Constitution that explicitly gives the Legislature the authority to pass laws restricting the right to carry a…

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