Archive | September 26, 2012

Every Little Heartbeat

Dear Logan,
Yesterday was the first day of fall, and it was a beautiful day. If you were still alive I would have dressed you up in jeans, a sweater and hat, and me and dad would have taken you to a pumpkin patch to get your first pumpkin. It would have been so much fun! I love fall. The colors of the leaves are so beautiful, and the smells of autumn are amazing. The weather starts to cool down, and that is my favorite part. You can start wearing sweaters and scarves and boots(for a girl that’s what you look forward to.) The best coffee flavors come out in the fall too! Yes, everything about this time of year is just amazing. Is there fall in heaven? I think there would have to be. It couldn’t be heaven if you missed out on something so beautiful! I think of…

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