Please Pray for Little Logan… His family and him have already been through so much.. Praying for you and your family Logan

Every Little Heartbeat


Well, here we go!!! Once again we realize that with a baby like Logan we make no plans. Everyday is a mystery. Today was just supposed to be a normal cardiology visit. We expected his Dr. to look him over talk about a time scale of when the surgery would be, and we would schedule another visit for next month. Not so! We get to the office and I change Logi’s wet diaper so that we can weigh him which ticked him off. Dr. Kumar looks at him and says, “Is he ok?” He looked really worried. When Logan gets mad he turns a lovely shade of purplish blue. Well the Dr. did not like the looks of that and even after Logan had calmed down he thought his color still seemed dusky. He watched him for a few minutes and said he didn’t like how he was acting. He…

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