Incredible joy when the Holy Spirit comes in power

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When the Holy Spirit comes in power beautiful things happen.  People’s hearts are made alive to the Holy Spirit and it can be like a huge bucket of joy is being poured out into people’s hearts.  Sometimes so much love, blessings and joy flow from the Spirit that people want to stay in revival meetings until late into the night because they don’t want the blessings to stop.

God used a young man named Evan Roberts to bring revival toWales in 1904. In late October and early November, Evan facilitated meetings in churches by allowing the Holy Spirit to lead. He talked to the people with great passion. They could hear the urgency in his voice, they could see the sweat beading on his brow, but mostly they felt the power of the Holy Spirit. Most of the people had no idea how long and hard Evan Roberts and others had prayed for…

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