Dear Unhealthy Food,

Hello I wanted to tell you that I’m done with you! We are so over, for the past 14 years you have done nothing to me but make me gain weight and lower my self esteem. Every time I was lonely, sad, happy, depressed I turned to you.  You would always offer me all the stuff that I over ate like, Chips, Pasta, Cookies, Cake, Pie, Latte’, Donuts. I could have it all to my hearts desire. You never care about me or my health. You didn’t care that you gave me high blood pressure or made my liver sick. You only cared about yourself and making other fat, Well Not this time! You have no more hold over me. Sure from time to time I find my self missing you and what you have to offer…. But then I go step on the scale and see the 68lbs gone and it’s gone forever. You didn’t do that; I did with the Lords help. So how do you feel now that I’ve kicked your butt to the curb? Maybe you should look in the mirror and get healthy, change your unhealthy ways. I feel so very good; I’m finally free of you. It may have taken me 14 years to kick you, but I did it! Good Bye Unhealthy Food.



Julie IM SO GONE! Carlson

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