60lbs gone

Wow I’m 60lbs lighter i havent been this size in a very long time, it feels so good to be lighter! I still struggle with carbs on a daily basis. I know that I need not to eat them as that is why I was heavy in the first place, IM a carb junkie… LOL I still consume carbs just in a different way really. I only have about 2 severing of crackers when I do eat a bread type product, other wise I still have yet to eat bread, sweeties, pasta, rice. really all that stuff now may make me sick so I just stay away from it. I don’t like to be sick or hurt so I don’t eat it..hahahah

With 60lbs gone already I need to work my arms a lot I have the sagging skin YUCK! but as long as I keep up with my arm workouts it should shrink up, well im praying it does. I know that it will get smaller but if it doesn’t oh well I’m not perfect.


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