My Journey

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My Journey started back in January when i went to see my Dr for the first time in a year, My legs have been swelling a lot and Clay  was concerned that there could be a problem, so i found a new Dr and she did a complete blood work up on me, also She did an EKG and ordered an ECHO which both came back normal Praise the Lord! When i got the blood results back it showed that i have high liver functions, my vit b and vit d where very low, My Dr was concerned about my Liver so she order a CT Scan of my abdominal area, which showed a lot more than we thought. My liver was 4 times the size it should have been and they found another Tumor on my left ovary… I started crying, I was expecting her to tell me i had diabetes or something like that, not that I had another tumor. With my Liver being so enlarged she sent me to a liver Dr and told me that I needed to lose weight Fast if I wanted my quality of life to cont….. So I went to a Weight loss Seminar where I learned about Gastric By-Pass, Lap Band and the Gastric Sleeve. My Dr there is Dr T He is the BEST! I  also went to the liver Dr and took a lot of blood and sent it off to Cali for testing. I had to go to a lot of Dr before i could even qualify for surgery. When I looked up in our Insurance Book if my Bariatric Dr was in there HE WAS!!! I saw the hand of God right there opening up all the doors I had to walk through to have Gastric By-Pass, I guess some may be wondering why i did it, well I was put on 6-7 different medications and MY Life was going in the toilet really. My starting weight was 283, today I’ve lost 52lbs and I feel good, there are things that are very different in my life, the way that I eat and how I drink and what I drink, but I want to see my children grow up and I want to see my Youngest Child Born, He is 2 now. I do have some liver issues still but in time with my weight loss I know they will be corrected. I had weight loss surgery on April 13th, 2012, yes it was Friday the 13th as well… I don’t believe in superstition either. God was with me every step of the way, the Lord and only the Lord has given me peace about having the surgery and He knows my heart as to why I did it. Here are some Photos of what I looked like when I started and what I look like today. FYI I had to have my ovary removed at the time of weight loss surgery, I have two major surgeries the same day… Crazy or What LOL

Photos to come as soon as i can get them off my phone 🙂

In the picture with the blue shirt im 54lbs lighter

3 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. I am so proud of you and I hope you live a long and healthy life. You are my insparation to lose more weight, I started at 277 and I am down to 247. But I got depressed and stopped working at it. I am starting up again and I will keep you posted. I have finally pulled out of my funk and am happeir now too. So that is a great plus!!

    Love you, Frankie 🙂

    • Thank you so much, it has been a road thats for sure, im going to start posting recipes that i eat and things like that since weight loss surgery is a weight loss tool, not matter what we all need help and it all takes work, hard work… Im proud of you! Keep up the great work
      Love you too

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